Welcome to WarmWorld & Gems

WarmWorld and Gems, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, aims to revolutionize Earth system modeling by leveraging cutting-edge information technology to compute and evaluate kilometer-scale climate trajectories. The DKRZ team provides a unified data access platform for models, reanalysis data, and observations. With a fast and user-friendly search engine, it supports web and shell/python environments. Integrated with DKRZ's High-Performance Computing system, it streamlines data retrieval and enables development of analysis tools. Researchers gain more time for their work, confident in the reliability and accessibility of these resources.

Freva - Free Evaluation System Framework

The Climate Informatics and Technologies research group provides a standardized data and evaluation system - developed at the DKRZ and FUB in Germany. Freva provides efficient and comprehensive access to the model data base as well as to evaluation data sets. The application system is developed as an easy to use low-end application minimizing technical requirements for users and tool developers.